How to Save Videos from YouTube?

Imagine you have found an entertaining or informative video on YouTube, whether it be your favorite star’s new music video or the most recent offering from the latest YouTube sensation. You desperately want to watch it, and you also wish to save the video from YouTube to your device.

Why wouldn’t you?

There is a convenient way to download videos from YouTube and watch them offline where and when you want; it’s a brilliant opportunity to do so free, fast, and without difficulty.

You can download videos using our free YouTube download application called MP3Studio. It makes the process effortless.

Choose the Right Video

Firstly,choose the video you would like to save videos from YouTube to your device (PC or mobile phone.)

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Copy the Link and Use the ALL4MUSICIANS Video Downloader

The next step is to copy the video’s URL and launch the MP3Studio app. Then, paste the copied link into the input field.

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Different Audio and Video Formats

This application offers you various correct formats - .MP3 converter, Audio Video Interleave (AVI) or .avi, Windows Media Audio (WMA) or .wma, .MP4 converter and more. Our free YouTube download app features convenient formats to suit all needs. If you want to download a video in high definition (HD) quality, then MP3Studio has it covered. Click the “HD” button in the “format” section, next to the input field. Moreover, our free app also lets you download up to ninety-nine songs simultaneously.

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The Final Step

Finally, press the “convert” button, and the process will begin immediately. There’s no need to worry about the download time, as it should only take a few seconds. After the conversion, you can download the file and open it on your device at any time. If you wish, you can send the file via email or to your Dropbox.

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Remember, using our free and exceptionally straightforward app, ALL4MUSICIANS Video Downloader, you will have the power to listen to your favorite music or watch amazing videos at your fingertips!